Showcase model Beta

Showcase model Beta


As being a collector and a mineral dealer, I know how important it is to get the best from our specimens in terms of presentation. I've been looking for a showcase that suits me for a long time. Finding nothing on the market, I've finally decided to build my own one. The goal was to have a light structure with clean lines and a minimalist design; something that focuses the attention on the content and not the container. A showcase with a specific lighting system to properly highlight my collection.
Saying that, I’m proud to show you the result of years of research and test.
All models produced are equipped with a lighting system specifically designed for mineral samples. The LED strip ensures a diffuse light and the adjustable spots highlight the characteristics of every single sample for a targeted effect.
The 24 volt LED strip offers you a professional performance and reduces power consumption reducing also the heat emitted. It is made in Italy with Samsung chip.
The LED strip is integrated in the front columns, on both sides, plus in a bar on the ceiling. The colour temperature can be chosen according to your needs but personally I suggest the 5000k that allows to have an excellent colour fidelity. The colour rendering index (CRI) for this product is 95% which places it among the best currently on the market.

The adjustable spots "jack" system works with a current of 5 volt powered by a dedicated driver. It is a system expressly designed to ensure the highest flexibility in terms of range of movement ( 360° of rotation plus 0-90° of tilt) and range of colour temperature. The options are 4000k, 5000k or 6000k but 4000k and 6000k are those that are most used.
This as a matter of fact is a compact and extremely performing system that fits to the needs of every single sample of your collection.  
Easy to install, easy to move, easy to change.
The newest addition to our catalogue is the UV spot with a wavelength of 395-405 nm.
Optional spots cost 20€ each.

The showcase structure is in aluminium, glass and melamine board, 100% made in Italy.
The drivers are of Mean Well, a World leading company.
The showcase is equipped with sturdy wheels, of which two with brake, in order to be easily moved according to your needs. The wheels are then hidden by a cover in melamine board matching the body of the showcase. Wheels can be replaced by adjustable feet to compensate for unevenness of the floor.

Several options are available to upgrade your showcase, such as base with integrated backlighting system (prices starting from 45€). If you need a well-organised container compartment, away from sunlight and dust, an integrated drawers unit is the option that can suit you (price on demand).

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