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Research & Passion

For as long as I can remember, minerals and fossils have long held a fascination on me. Undoubtedly, the fact that my grandfather and his father before him have been miners in the sulphur mine of Perticara, the town where I grew up, played a fundamental role. The old stories about the hard work in the mine and the regular visits to the local Historical Mining Museum did the rest… and the first draft of collection arrived at the age of 6. My interest for the research grew hand in hand with my collection, becoming an integral part of my passion. I still remember when I got into the Perticara mine for the first time. On that occasion I was faced with the scenario of my grandfather's stories. The excitement of that experience is still alive in my mind and relives in every new exploration. In 2019, I made my passion my profession and I founded in France the Enrico Rinaldi Minerals, now present on the European and American international market.


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